Detailed Review 2022

Susan Kelly Updated on Jun 10, 2022 is an international FX and CFD broker, founded in 2001 as a part of GAIN Capital Holdings Inc.'s parent company is StoneX (a publicly-traded company) that is regulated by several financial authorities and meets the standards of corporate governance. broker is best for beginner forex traders and active forex traders.

The company has 200,000 retail traders worldwide and is one of the leading forex brokers in the US that offers transparent pricing and an advanced trading platform. Now, the forex market is the world's most active financial marketplace. This global broker offers secure &'' fast trading services. It is where you can trade currencies and currency derivatives (forex). offers over 80 currency pairs with competitive spreads to its traders.

The consumer-oriented brokerage and easy-to-use trading platform have a well-organized and navigable website with education &'' research tools, fully transparent services &'' fees, and multiple user interfaces. In addition, this brokerage offers an array of assets to trade, including individual stocks, bonds, ETFs, commodities, gold &'' silver, and cryptocurrencies. Pros and Cons is for all types of traders, from beginner to experienced FX traders but is a good fit for high-volume traders. Although it offers a wide range of products and asset classes, there are some cons. Here are the pros and cons of

Pros Explained

  • offers a wide range of products. On, you can access several asset classes such as forex, bonds, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, commodities, gold &'' silver, and futures.
  • It is an impressive, sharply regulated, and easy-to-navigate broker.
  • The platform has a wide range of education, advanced charting, and various technical research tools.
  • is regulated by FCA &'' CFTA, and NFC, making it a safe broker for trading CFDs and forex.
  • Forex fee is low.
  • It is a professional trading platform that is best for high-volume traders. They can earn rebates from the Active Trader program.
  • This is the secure and trusted broker that protects the U.K/E. U client's accounts against market gap risk through the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).
  • Being a trader, you will have access to execution modes and multiple order types.
  • It has excellent mobile and desktop functions.
  • is best for Met trader 4 users.

Cons Explained

  • offers no account protection (negative balance protection) to US clients. Also, it doesn't offer guaranteed stop-loss orders to US clients.
  • website is not so user-friendly, and there are few pages with incorrect and outdated information.
  • US traders have limited access to products like they are not allowed to trade cryptocurrencies on
  • The trading fee for CFDs is higher.

Costs charges a low fee for forex traders and no withdrawal fee. Moreover, the stock CFD fee is high, and also there is a $15 inactivity fee for the accounts with no trading activity for over a year. The pricing of is transparent and can be easily found. It offers three account types. The spreads depend on the account type.

Standard Account: The standard account is commission-free, and the minimum EUR/USD spread on it is 1 pip for US clients. This account option is available for MetaTrader clients. In addition, it is suitable for traders with high-trade volume and a balance of $25,000. The standard account traders can benefit from the Active trader program.

DMA Account: The DMA account involves paying a commission, and the typical spread on it for EUR/USD pair was 0.03 pips. This account offers the highest potential discounts.

Commission Account: Like a standard account, the commission account traders can also benefit from the Active trader program. It is good for medium to high-volume traders.

Furthermore, the minimum initial deposit on is $100 of your selected currency. But they recommend depositing 2,500 to allow flexibility and better risk management in trading. Plus, it charges swap fees on positions the traders hold overnight.

Range of Offerings offers a huge range of financial instruments and asset classes globally. Here is the list of offerings:

  • Over 4,500 popular stocks
  • 80+ currency pairs
  • Commodities
  • Bonds
  • Stocks
  • ETFs
  • Indices
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Sectors
  • Metals (Gold &'' silver)
  • Futures &'' Futures options

Education offers educational content for beginner, intermediate and experienced users. Good quality and well-organized content can be found on the website. Plus, it provides the market basics tutorials such as fundamental &'' technical analysis, trading strategies, and risk management. You can use a demo account, webinars, platform videos, trading quizzes, and a trading glossary to learn.

Customer Service offers excellent customer service to its clients. The customer service is available from Sunday to Friday. There are multiple ways to reach, including live phone support, online chat, and email. Email support is best for in-depth questions, but it takes 2 to 3 business days to respond. Mobile phone support is the fastest way to get answers from the real person, not a bot.


Several Financial authorities regulate, like US CFTC and UK's FCA. Its parent company is listed on NASDAQ Stock Exchange. Therefore, the company offers a high level of protection to its users. It provides negative balance protection, and guarantees stop losses to its clients. Also, it has 2-factor authentication for mobile application login and encrypts data.

Bottom Line

There you have it- the detailed review of is a trusted forex and CFD broker, highly regarded by numerous traders across the globe. The platform offers competitive pricing, multiple benefits, high-quality research tools, and reliable customer service. Although it has some limitations, it provides an impressive platform for beginner and experienced traders to trade currencies. As a whole, it is a valuable option for advanced traders with a high trading volume.