Where Can You Cash Checks in 2022?

Triston Martin Updated on Jun 23, 2022

Checking accounts provide convenience in managing your money. However, an overwhelming majority of Americans do not have one. Federal Reserve also called the Fed data that 6% of U.S. adults are unbanked, which means they do not have to check accounts, savings, or money market accounts. Instead, they depend on alternatives to financial services, like payday lenders and check-cashing companies, to fulfill their financial needs. This guide will let you know Where you can cash Checks.

Another 16% of them are not banked, meaning they do not have bank accounts but rely on other financial services. Utilizing alternative financial services to complete the most basic of tasks, like cashing checks, can be costly. There are, however, ways to cash checks without having to pay high fees.

How to Cash a Check

When deciding where to deposit a check, you have a range of possibilities to select from. Certain avenues are more evident than other options depending on whether you've got an account at a bank. Here are the best locations for cashing checks that you could consider.

Local Banks and Credit Unions

If you own a banking account or an account with the bank, this may be the best way to cash a check. Credit unions and banks can cash personal checks, payroll checks, certified cashier's checks, and government-issued checks. What is the procedure if you don't own an account with a bank or credit union? Federal law doesn't oblige institutions like credit unions or banks to cash checks on behalf of people who aren't their customers. However, the bank may be willing to take your check and cash it in exchange for paying the payment of a fee.

Checkwriter's Bank

Another alternative could be to make the payment and take it to where the check was drawn. Also, you can visit the bank of the account holder. For instance, if the check is drawn from an account with Bank of America, you could visit the Bank of America branch and then you can request cash. To find out which bank has issued the check, search for the name of the lender or bank in the lower-left section of your check.

If you're dealing with the government-issued check, it's different. Although you cannot go to the U.S. Treasury for cash, you'll be able to find checks more convenient to cash at stores and banks because they're considered to be security checks.

Retail Stores

Several retailers charge a fee for cashing checks, but certain stores will do it free of charge. They probably hope you'll spend some money during your visit. In their view, it's not the best option in the world. When you have cash in your pocket, you're more inclined to spend. But retailers aren't interested in taking a risk with poor quality checks; therefore, don't be expecting to get it right every time. The best chance of success is if you're a frequent customer and the staff is acquainted with your preferences. Ensure to endorse the check or hand it in the store for cash.


Walmart is among the most accessible and global check cashing locations in this listing. With over 5,000 locations, nearly 90 percent of the population of America United States lives within 15 miles of Walmart. Walmart also charges reasonable fees of $4 for checks that are less than $1000 and $8 for checks that exceed that amount. This is in line with most of the bank's charges. The most significant benefit of making a check payable to Walmart is that it offers several alternatives. You could get cash straight back or the option of reloading your Walmart Money Card.

Check-Cashing Stores

Walking through busy streets, you'll probably see check-cashing businesses close to or inside payday loan stores. They can accept checks, but they won't offer free cash. Be sure to check the fees before cashing checks at a cash-cashing store. There's a good chance you'll lower the cost elsewhere.


PayPal provides a check cashing service via its mobile app. Take a picture of your check and then transmit it to PayPal, which will review the document and, if accepted, credits the check into the PayPal Balance account, less the cost. It's a quick and easy method to cash checks, especially if you use PayPal for online payments.


A bank account will make your life simpler when managing your finances. There's less hassle when you have to cash checks, write a check to pay off bills or other costs, or have a secure online purchase method using debit cards. If you don't have a banking account, there are various options to cash a check. When you compare the various alternatives, be aware of the amount you'll have to spend to be capable of cashing checks without having an account with a bank.